Mission and objectives

Mission and objectives


Les Cordes Résonnantes missions, to create projects, giving a pathway to Lebanese professional musicians, to vent and deliver a performance that displays their years of relentless work. Creating a challenging and educational program to be rehearsed and performed
across Lebanon.

Hence the lack of cultural liveliness in Lebanon, Les Cordes Résonnantes determines to send the voice of classical music as far as it reaches. That includes performances in different regions, rural areas, places where the voice of classical music was/is challenging to reach.

On the other hand, it is essential to mention the importance of decentralization of the classical music scene in Lebanon. It is known that Beirut is a centralized streamline when it comes to the richness of the music scene and various cultural events. Les Cordes Résonnantes aspires to move the musical vitality into other regions. Without avoiding other areas that will mirror the liveliness and the perseverance of the Lebanese professional musicians.

The image that we portray within our region shows who we are, what we aim, specifically what do we want to give to people. As this will be an education on a cultural and spiritual level. Influencing and encouraging others to take the same path.

The cultural preservation and most predominantly the resilience of the Lebanese musicians will reflect strength to its own people; the audience. It will give hope and forwardness for a better future.

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